Rustproofing & Undercoating

Today, vehicle manufacturers recommend that you properly flush the underbody of your vehicle once, twice, some as many as four times per year, at YOUR expense, (see underbody maintenance in your owner's manual).  WHY?  Chemicals and corrosive materials used for ice and snow removal, dust control and industrial pollution can collect on the underbody or your vehicle.  If not removed these materials accumulate and may accelerate corrosion or rusting of the underbody components, such as frame, floor pan, wheel wells etc.  Remember if washing or hosing of the vehicle underbody only serves to wet caked mud and debris without removing it, you can do more harm than good and may accelerate corrosion. 


Some manufacturers even recommend undercoating materials, like TST Silent Rider that will help protect your vehicle underbody from corrosion.  Water and oxygen are the two components metal requires to begin the corrosion process.  When objects strike the underbody of your vehicle and chips away the painted surface, the bare metal is exposed to both.  Add in the corrosive elements and the rusting process is accelerated.  TST Silent Rider puts a barrier between the exposed underbody of your vehicle and the outside elements.  This barrier eliminates the need for costly underbody flushing required in your owner's manual, provides for a quieter ride and improves the overall appearance of your vehicle.  Combined with a lifetime, no inspection new vehicle warranty, makes this a must have option on every vehicle.  Used Vehicle warranty is available upon inspection.


Give your vehicle's underbody the protection it deserves with



Don't be Fooled! New Vehicle Manufacturers' Corrosion Warranties are Limited!


Manufacturers' warranties cover ONLY defects in materials and workmanship, specifically excluding ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE**. Items such as Road Salt, Dirt, Tree Sap, Industrial Pollution, Sea Salt, Dust control chemicals, etc. are NOT COVERED under most manufacturers' warranties. If you live in an area where any of these items are an issue, additional protection may be needed.


TST Rust Remedy picks up where the manufacturers' warranty leaves off. Environmental conditions like salt, dirt, mud and snow are no match for Rust Remedy's superior protection.


Rust Remedy is professionally sprayed into 18 key areas, covering more than 127 square feet of your vehicle. This permanent, no holes drilled coating has a lifetime transferable warranty" without requiring routine inspections. Rust Remedy meets and exceeds S.A.E. Standard JI 804, which provides you with coverage that will not void your limited factory coverage.


TST Rust Remedy truly is "Better than the Rust of the World"


*Lifetime New Vehicle warranty, Used Vehicle warranties also available.  Contact us for details.

**See your manufacturers' warranty for specifics.

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